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Erin Incoherent

Erin was the headliner of my artist development program. Overall we spent over a year making her album, Déjà Vu. She lived and worked here full time for eight months. Our work together was not only music production, but also video, live streaming performance and photoshoots. Déjà Vu is releasing

Caleb Ray Walker

As part of my artist development program I have been working with Caleb for nearly a year. I saw Caleb perform locally and got to know him better during the Analog Trenton project. Caleb’s work is a creative mix of humor, cleverness and insight. His songs are lighthearted but with

Colette Rybinski

I first met Colette at the Trenton Coffee House where she was performing live. She was only 16 at the time and I was impressed by her style and lyrics. I later included her in Analog Trenton and my artist development program. Colette’s album will be coming out late 2020

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